The Jewish Immigrants

A Movement In St. Louis To Educate

The Russian Refugees

St. Louis, July 5 – The movement to educate the Jewish immigrants who come to this city has been set on foot under the direction of the Jewish Alliance, which today reorganized. At a meeting held this evening Jacob Furth, Moses Fraley, Isidor Busch, and others made stirring speeches, reviewing at length the condition of the Russian Jew. It was decided that the thing he most needed was information. He first must be taught the English language, after that he should be instructed in the laws of the land, the nature of our Government, its political and social economy, and everything else that pertains to make him a thorough American citizen.

After the speeches came organization. Isidor Busch was elected President, Moses Fraley Vice President, Jacob Furth Treasurer, and M. Jacoby Secretary. Rules and regulations governing the body were adopted. The yearly membership dues were made $3, and over one hundred signed and paid upon the spot. The Rev. Dr. Ingraham of Grace Episcopal Church was present and contributed his yearly dues. He took an active interest in the proceedings. A board of five Trustees was agreed on to govern the school for the purpose named above, and which will open in September. They will be elected at a subsequent meeting. The body agreed to have a night school for the benefit of those who have to work in the day and cannot attend the day school. The work will be begun at once, and in September they expect to have the school ready for business.

Jacob Furth, one of the prime movers of the organization, said to a reporter: “We expect to have a thousand members in a very short time. The enthusiasm of our people seems to be aroused, and I am glad to see those who are not Jews taking such a lively interest in the movement. It shows what is the spirit of the times.”

Published July 6, 1891 The New York Times

117 years later, what have we learned?

What is the spirit of our time?

Generation after generation we have heaped prejudice, hatred and intolerance on refugees and immigrants. No longer do we see examples of selfless giving by the many, only the few. The people have turned the government into a ‘nanny’ and changed the expectations for many of these newcomers to a class of expectant receivers.

Political correctness has taken the dignity and pursuit to assimilate away from the immigrants.

What is the spirit of our time?