Company Descriptive Book


This is a picture of one of the pages of the Company Descriptive Book for Pvt Jacob Foreman


This book provided the record of each soldier, their description, their pay, leaves of absence and assignments. If you look on line 1 you will see Nov. 1861: Nov. 19, Ft. Holt Enlisted.

Line 2 Jan, 1862: Absent sick at Gen. Hosp. Mound City, Ill. Mound City is located in the southern tip of Illinois on the Ohio River, just north of Cairo, Illinois where the Ohio meets the Mississippi and just a few miles from Paducah, Kentucky.

Line 3 Feb 1862: Absent sick at Gen. Mound City, Ill, since Feb 4.

Line 4 March 1862: Absent sick, Jan 31, Mound City Hosp.

Line 5 Apl, 1862: Absent sick since Feb 15.

Line 6 May 1862: Absent without leave since May, 1.

Line 7 June, 1862: Absent sick at Hosp. unknown.

Line 8 July, 1862: Absent sick, left at Hosp, Mound City, Ill, Jan. 31.

Line 9 August 1862: Absent wounded severely in action, Shiloh, Aprl 6, 62.

Line 10 Sept, 1862: Absent sick at home, Pike Co. Ill.


My blog posts have provided information on the movement and activities of Company E of the 28th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. This record provides an incredible insight in where Jacob was during this time period, although it appears the company clerk lost track of him for several months between March and May of 1862.

Jacob’s brother William died on February 27, 1862 from typhoid fever at Paducah, Kentucky. This record tells us  Jacob also had typhoid fever at the same time. He recovered in the hospital in Mound City, Illinois and then the records show he was ‘absent’ and ‘hospital unknown’ until the August report stating he was ‘absent wounded severely in action, Shiloh, April 6, 1862.”

Jacob must have recovered enough from typhoid fever to join Company E of the 28th Illinois Infantry  at Pittsburgh Landing for the battle of Shiloh April 5, 6 and 7, 1862.

In September he is home recovering from his illness and wounds in Time, Pike County, Illinois.