George Soule Second Generation – Susanna Soule West

Continued from Mayfower Families Through Five Generations – Descendants Of The Pilgrims Who Landed At Plymouth, Mass. December 1620; Volume Three

5. SUSANNA SOULE born probably in Duxbury pos. ca. 1642; died probably Kings Towne, Rhode Island on or after 1684.

She married place and date unknown FRANCIS WAST/WEST and resided with him in that part of Kings Towne Rhode Island which became North Kingstown in 1722/3. We have been unable to find place or date of birth, date of death or parentage for Francis.

When Gov. Andros took over the King’s Province in 1687, he levied taxes on the inhabitants of Kingstown RI – renamed Rochester. Included in the list were Francis Wast senior, Francis Wast junior, and Richard Wast. Only Francis senior had a rate, that of 2 shillings 1 pence. The children of this family have been difficult to trace. Francis, Susannah, and Martha remained in the Kingstown RI area; William removed to Newport RI, probably after the death of his first wife; Clement moved to Charlestown RI, and then disappears from RI records, perhaps moving to Dutchess County NY; Richard returned to Plymouth and Bristol County, living in Middleboro and Taunton. We have not found Peter, John nor Thomas. This family name has a variety of spellings in the public records: WAST, WEST, WASTE, WEAST being common variants. Of the four “WEST” families in Plymouth Colony only this family has its surname used in forms other than W E S T suggesting that the original name, while phonetically similar, was distinct from West. Some of Susanna’s children are identified in the Samuel West Memorandum Book published in the Mayflower Descendant.

Children (WEST) b. in that part of Kings Towne which became No. Kingstown RI.

32 i. Francis, b. ca 1660
33 ii. Richard, b. ca. 1661-4
34 iii. Susanna, b. ca 1666
iv. Peter, B. ca 1668/9; n.f.r.
v. John, B. ca 1672; n.f.r.
35 vi. Martha, b. ca 1675
36 vii. William, b. 31 May 1681
37 viii. Thomas, b. 18 Sept. 1684, twin
38 ix. Clement, b. 18 Sept. 1684, twin

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