52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 #7 – Valentine

How many times did you get an unsigned valentine in your valentine box at elementary school? Did that just drive you nuts?

valentine box

In the “stuff” I have collected, I suppose artifact would be the correct word, but stuff is how I think of it, I found a very small valentine in a very small envelope. The envelope measures about 3 1/2 ” by 2 1/2″. The actual valentine is about 2 1/2″ by 2″. The paper that makes the envelope has aged to a light yellow as has the card stock that makes the valentine. I have no experience at guessing the age of paper.

Valentine and envelope

The envelope is addressed to Baby Hancock, City. No postage is visible.

What Baby Hancock, what city? Where can you mail something without a postage stamp?

Maybe from mother Lulu Hancock to her first child? No, doesn’t seem likely, a mother sending her first child a valentine. Well, maybe.

Is it possible that “Birdie” Brace (Mary Phoebe Totten Brace) the grandmother could have sent it to her first grandchild?

Or, was it Lois Emerette Goodell Totten who sent it to her new great grandson? She lived in Washington County, Kansas just a few miles from Narka, Kansas. But why would she call him Baby Hancock instead of his name?

Or, was it Grandpa Hancock’s other grandmother Theresa Frary Hancock who lived on a farm just outside of Narka, Kansas. Because Lulu’s marriage to her son brought separation she never knew this grandson and perhaps didn’t know his name.


Fortunately, I asked the question about who was the sender before Grandma Hancock died and she said the valentine was from Grandpa’s great grandmother Lois Emerette Goodell Totten.

This valentine was tucked inside a photo album that had pictures Grandpa Hancock cut out of magazines and pasted on the pages of the album. Most of the pictures are of Coca Cola advertising. Like Santa Claus drinking a Coca Cola. There are also other greeting cards.

Lesson to learn – ask the questions before it is too late.

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