52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 #8 – Heirloom


Cousin Mariah Bishop Hudson on the left behind me and Grand Aunt Helen Seger Baber on the right, visiting the farmhouse in Eastonville that Lloyd Baber, Helen’s husband and our grandfather Bernard Hancock, half brothers, lived with Lulu Brace Hancock Baber and John Thomas Baber.

The Old Oak Cupboard Story

Written by Helen Margaret Seger Baber, October 13, 2011

This old oak cupboard was originally owned by Lois Emerette Goodell Totten. She was born Jan 17, 1842, died February 12, 1924 at Kennewick, Washington. Lloyd (Baber) and I have been to her grave in Kennewick. The cupboard had been given to Mary Phoebe Totten Brace then to Lulu Pearl Brace Hancock Baber. When Lloyd and I married in 1947 Lloyd’s mom, Lulu, gave it to us as a wedding present. We used it until January 1951. When we moved to 824 East Cucharras in Colorado Springs, we retired it to an old barn on the back of our lot.


It stayed there until 1958 when we moved to our new house then on Dudley in Colorado Springs. Lloyd put it in his garage and he was not very kind to it, he stored oil and his tools in it and a glass was broken out. I had always longed to have it refinished and I would have put it in my kitchen. Just never had the money to do it.

Well, when the lightning hit our weather vane and we had to have a new garage door opener and we had to sell our car because Lloyd could no longer drive, I asked my neighbor if he would like a job making our garage into a patio room. Also, would he like to re-do the oak cupboard. He finished the room but the cupboard took longer because it had eight coats of paint on it. They had even painted the hardware.

drawer detail

Drawer pull with carving.

I had him cut out the sides and put glass in so it would have more light and we also had him put glass shelves in instead of wood.

People used to walk or drive past our house and they would stop and try to get Lloyd to sell them that cupboard. Some offered a good amount of money. I’ve heard him tell them it belonged to his great grandmother and it needed to stay within our family.  Anyway when it was finished I had no place to put it, so we gave it to our daughter Judy Baber Clarke for her birthday July 19, 2010. It cost $1200 to have it finished.

Judy & grandsons 2040

Judy Baber Clarke with her two grandsons at the Peyton Cemetery.

This weeks ’52 Ancestors in 52 weeks’ subject is “Heirloom”, not only is this cabinet and the story by Helen Seger Baber a priceless heirloom, but Helen herself is a priceless heirloom. She loves sharing family history and writing stories.  Helen is proud to share  the history of the family. She has also had her history stories of Colorado Springs and the Eastonville/Elbert area published in the local newspaper. I have spent many wonderful hours with Helen, from sorting out papers and pictures in her storage unit in the back yard to putting together a jigsaw puzzle while listening to the radio and singing country songs. She has generously given me copies of pages from her photo albums and copies of documents and other items such as a bowl and platter belonging to Mary Phoebe (Birdie) Totten Brace. Great additions to my collection of ‘stuff’.

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