52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 #13 – The Old Homestead

The Oldest Foreman Homestead In Our Family

In 1776, the state of Virginia created Kentucky county. In 1780 Kentucky county was divided into three counties, Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln. Six additional counties were formed, three of them from Lincoln county which included Mercer county in 1785 prior to Kentucky joining the Union June 1, 1792.

Elizabeth Horine, born in 1763, David Foreman born in 1755,  were married in Lincoln County, Kentucky in April of 1788. Elizabeth traveled to Kentucky with her brothers, Michael, Jacob and George Horine from Philadelphia. They appear on the tax lists and census records in Mercer County.

Wilderness Path, Cumberland Mnts

Harrodsburg is the county seat of Mercer County just about where the ‘c’ in Kentucky is. Note the surrounding terrain. The Cumberland Mountains, the Valley of Virginia, the Warrior Path, the Wilderness Path. The Cumberland River, the Kentucky River, the Green River and the Ohio river. Just about where Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky meet is the Cumberland Gap, discovered in 1750. Daniel Boone along with thirty axemen opened Kentucky to white settlement by hacking the Wilderness Road from The Blockhouse in eastern Tennessee through the Cumberland Gap to Boonesborough just south of today’s Lexington, Kentucky. This served as the principal route for white settler’s bound for Kentucky until 1795 when the Indian Wars were substantially ended in the area and the Ohio River became safe for travel.

Saddle of the gap

As you can see by the date David and Elizabeth were married, 1788, they both would have traversed the 1000 foot drop of the Cumberland Gap and used the Wilderness Path to get to where they made their homestead in what became Mercer County.

Information from Tax lists in 1795 show David Foreman in Mercer County with 1 horse; 15 head of cattle and 1000 acres of 2nd rate land near the Ohio River. He acquired more land, cattle and horses and between 1789 and 1808, they had 13 children. 8 sons and 5 daughters. In 1811 David Foreman died and his will stated his ‘plantation’ and all his goods were to go to his wife.

If you like road trips this would be a very beautiful and exciting part of the country to visit.

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