52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #36 – Work

While growing up I was always fascinated listening to my grandfather, Bernard Hancock, talk about what he did at “work.” I didn’t understand most of it, but when he felt like talking, he could tell a good story.

For him work involved many different types of labor and skills. He worked on farms helping his step-dad John Baber build a big barn, he worked on the Moffat Tunnel as a clerk in the company store.

East Portal Moffat Tunnel

East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel at Rollinsville, Colorado.

When I graduated from high school and started my first job at the Denver Mint in 1966, he told me about the robbery of the Mint in 1922. He worked in a garage across the street.


Grandpa Hancock worked in Loveland for many years as a laborer according to the census as well as a truck driver through 1940 when the family moved back to Denver.

Bernard Hancock Retirement -35

Bernard Hancock at Gates Rubber Company. Hard hats and overalls!

Bernard went to work for Gates Rubber Company as a boilermaker and in 1962 he retired.

Bernard Foreman Retirement -37

Bernard receiving his retirement honors with daughter Charlene standing by his side.