Colorado’s Governor’s Residence, The Boettcher Mansion, Denver – Lower Garden

This view from the upper garden looking south to the lower garden and Carriage House also takes in a grand view of Pikes Peak. The pergola on the left duplicates the design on the original windows of the mansion shown below. The carriage house had not been used for years and is now used for receptions and luncheons saving the interior of the mansion from wear and tear. The lower garden hosted the wedding of one of former Governor Roy Romer’s daughters.


Colorado’s Governor’s Residence, The Boettcher Mansion, Denver – Carriage House

The Ladies restroom and the gentleman’s restroom (below)

are furnished with exquisite mirrors. The gentleman’s with

a black lacquered frame and the ladies with crystal sconces

found stored in the attic. The two rooms also include crystal

chandeliers that were found stored in the attic of the


Colorado Governor’s Residence, The Boettcher Mansion, Denver – Dining Room

First Lady Frances Owens, used her talents and the guidance of an interior design firm in Denver to restore the Boettcher Mansion. The walls in the dining room used to be a kind of military green. The First Lady¬† restored the mansion to it’s original magnificent beauty. The restoration was not paid for at taxpayer’s expense.

Colorado Govenor’s Residence, The Boettcher Mansion, Denver – The Sitting Room

The sitting room in the Boettcher Mansion, now used as the Governor’s residence, is highlighted with the large chandelier in the center of the room. The chandelier was given to the State of Colorado by Ulysses S. Grant in 1876 to celebrate Colorado’s entry to the union. At some time the White House asked for the return of the chandelier, but the state refused.