Digital Living

Hello, my name is Carol and I’m a digital hoarder.

My husband and I were running errands and listening to NPR recently and the interview we were listening to was absolutely amazing. A very serious business has been created by some bright young entrepreneurs to help folks with their “digital afterlife.” It took a few moments for these words to sink in. Digital afterlife.

My imagination still runs pretty fast, although as a boomer many other aspects of my physical being are slowing down. But, my real life imagination is popping out all sorts of thoughts. I post to a blog, I’m on Facebook, I joined a daily photograph album site, therefore I have an online life and I need to protect my digital legacy from my digital demise. Hey, these guys are talking to me!

So, in my mind I start to list my digital belongings. Blogs, social networking accounts, network subscriptions, programs to organize and store information for my genealogy hobby. But wait, I have stacks and stacks of folders on my desk top with hundreds of files with other information. I have saved emails that are important. Where would they go? What should I do with them?

Oh no! Reality strikes. The files and folders are trash that I’ve been collecting and simply don’t want to let go!

And in that final moment I knew, I’m a digital hoarder!