52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 #10 – Strong Woman

Elizabeth Horine Foreman

In 1998 I first became aware of Mildred Foreman Gage from her compilation of the Foreman Family Lineage, a book she wrote in February of 1986.  Her book journals all the research she did on David Foreman and his wife Elizabeth Horine including all the resources and copies of documents such as marriage bonds, wills and land maps.

Elizabeth Horine born in 1763, came to America with her three older brothers and  probably an older sister in the early 1770’s when she was about 10 years old. They were  all German speaking. They entered the country through the Port of Baltimore. She was a teenager when they moved from Pennsylvania on foot and by horseback to Kentucky in about 1781 before Kentucky was a state at about the time of Daniel Boone. She married David Foreman in 1788 in Mercer County when she was 25 years old and they had 13 children, 8 boys and 5 girls during their 23 years of marriage. David died in Mercer County, Kentucky at about 56 years of age, and he willed his “plantation” and other worldly goods to his beloved wife Elizabeth who was 48 years old.

Kentucky county map

The journey from Pennsylvania to Mercer County (at the center of Kentucky) must have been very difficult for they would have had to pass through the Cumberland Gap and follow the Wilderness Trail.

In 1814 or 1815, the widow Elizabeth (Eli) sold the land in Mercer County, Kentucky and purchased 300 acres of land in Highland County, Ohio, about 150 miles north of Mercer County, from her brother George Horine who had purchased the land from his father-in-law. Elizabeth and seven sons, George, David Jr., Jacob (our 3x great grandfather), Samuel, John, Absalom and Michael moved to Ohio and took possession of the land. But, in 1815 when George Horine, Elizabeth’s brother died, without having legally conveyed the land to Elizabeth Foreman and her two adult sons, Elizabeth had to go to court to prove and protect her ownership. This was also at a time when women were not allowed to own property.

The Foreman family prospered in Ohio and grew. Many of the 3rd generation Foreman’s were born in Buford, Ohio, including our 2nd great grandfather Jacob Foreman. Elizabeth lived with her son David Jr., and his family and when he purchased land in Indiana both of our Jacob Foreman’s moved with them to Indiana. In 1840 the families moved from Indiana to Pike County, Illinois settling in Newburg Township.

Elizabeth spent more than 20 years in Kentucky and more than 25 years in Ohio and Indiana making a living and raising her children and grandchildren under the most primitive frontier conditions and she was 77 years old when she trekked to Pike County, Illinois, more than 600 miles. Our 3x great grandfather and our 2x great grandfather included in that trek. Robert Sidney Foreman our great grandfather was born in Time, Pike County, Illinois.

Elizabeth Horine Foreman died in 1855 at age 92 and is buried in Blue River Cemetery in Detroit, Pike County, Illinois, a strong woman.


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