52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 #11 – Lucky

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The luckiest little girl in the world! Four million entries and my husband, John’s younger sister Sally, won the contest to name the colt on the National Velvet television show in 1961. John had just arrived home after school when the phone call came and a young voice on the other end said “Hi, I’m Lori Martin from the “National Velvet” TV show. Is Sally Singer home?” “No,”  he said, you will have to call back.”

Sally & drugstore people - 38

Sally Singer pictured with the Rexall Drug Store owners where she entered her winning name in Kirkwood, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb.

Contest winner v.2

Unfortunately John can’t remember what name Sally submitted. But a You Tube video of an episode of the television show described the father of the colt is named King and the mother is Queenie and Lori Martin who portrayed “Velvet” in the show announces the name of the colt is Prince.

In her teenage years Sally did own a horse. Probably purchased with the money invested from this contest. She was at the stable constantly. Her whole world revolved around the horse. I remember when John and I were engaged in 1967 and we went to St. Louis so I could meet the family and being in awe of all the ribbons she had won with her horse. They covered an entire wall in her bedroom.

Here is the whole Singer family with the Rexall Drugstore owners. Rexall was one of the primary sponsors of “National Velvet.”

Sally wins with the whole family - 34

Back row: Mr. and Mrs. Rexall Drugstore owner; Mom, Rosemary Singer, Sister, Mary Ann Singer; Dad, Sam Singer; Brother, John Singer. Unable to identify the lady and the little boy standing in front of her and of course Sally is in the center. The luckiest little girl in the world!

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