52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks 2018 #12 – Misfortune

Misfortune of War

In 1891 Himberg and Signe (Sena) Anderson, my great grandparents, left Norway with their first child, Adolph, just a baby, and immigrated to the United States.

Young Sena and Himberg Anderson

Signe Simmonite Christopherson and Himberg Anderson

They settled in Bruce, Rusk County, Wisconsin and added seven more children, six sons for a total of seven boys and one daughter, that being my grandmother Signe Helmena Anderson.

Adult Anderson Children with names & Dates

Top row l to r – Adolph, Arnold, Jurean (Jack), Harry.

Front row l to r – Helmer, Signe, Clarence and Stafford.

Arnold Barney Anderson was the last child born to Himberg and Signe Anderson in 1910 when they lived in Bruce, Wisconsin.

Census records show Arnold was 29 years old and lived in Chicago in 1940 and his occupation was a bus driver. His education level was grammer school. The census report says he was married to Mary LaCarte and they lived in the household of her brother. When Arnold was 32 years old he was in New York City, possibly visiting his brother, Jack, who also lived in New York in 1942, and he entered the Army on March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day) 1942. Makes me wonder if how much he had to drink influenced his decision.

He became an Army Ranger and was wounded and lost his right arm and received the Purple Heart, Silver Star and the Bronze Medal. He served in the Pacific.

Arnold Anderson headstone

Later records show he returned to Chicago and was married to Esther. They had no children. He died on May 6, of 1962.

Arnold Anderson and wife Esther.

I never met Arnold, my father told us some stories about his military service. It sounded like he was quite a fighting man.

Next, I need to request his Army records from the Department of Veterans Affairs so I can learn where he served and what he did to earn the special recognition of the Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart while suffering from the misfortune of war.


Those Who Have Served From Our Family Tree

For Veterans Day I grouped those in our family tree who have served our country. and their relationship to me. Please let me know if you would like information added or corrected or if I have left anyone out, including spouses of our female ancestors. I will make the correction and enter the information in the family tree. Thanks for your help.


Pequot War – 1637 – George Soule, Volunteer, our Mayflower ancestor. 9x great grandfather. Buried Plymouth, Massachusetts.



American War of Independence (The Revolutionary War)

  • Gideon Squires –  – Loyalist; Lieutenant, New York; imprisoned in Bennington, Vermont. 5x great grandfather.
  • Neazer Scofield – Patriot; Private, Connecticut. 5x great grandfather. Buried in Grey’s Cemetery, Hadley, New York.
  • Elijah Brace – Patriot; Connecticut. 6x great grandfather.
  • Joel Brigham – Patriot; Massachusetts. 5x great grandfather. Buried in Lodi, Ohio.
  • William Goodell – Patriot; Massachusetts. 5x great grandfather.
  • Benjamin West – Patriot; New York. 5x great grandfather. Buried in Verona, New York
  • Ebenezer Sprague – Patriot; Rhode Island. 6x great grandfather. Buried in Rhode Island.



War of 1812

  • Jacob Foreman – Mercer County, Kentucky detached militia, Private;  Captain George McAfee’s Company, Commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Gabriel Slaughter. Battle of New Orleans, Kentucky sharpshooter. Buried in the Time Cemetery, Time, Pike County, Illinois. 3x great grandfather.
  • David Foreman – Mercer County, Kentucky. Same as brother Jacob Foreman. Battle of New Orleans, Kentucky sharpshooter. Buried in the Blue River Cemetery, Detroit, Pike County, Illinois. 3x great uncle.
  • Lt. Joel Brigham – New York.



Civil War

  • Edwin Squires – Wisconisn – Union, “Rock County Ploughboys”; Company E. 33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; Sargeant. Great, great grandfather. Buried in Elbert Cemetery, Elbert, Colorado.
  • Jacob Foreman – Illinois – Union, Pike County; Company E, 28th Volunteer Infantry, Private. Discharged 4 January, 1864 at Natchez, Mississippi, re-enlisted January 5, 1864, Company B, 28th Volunteer Infantry and discharged 15 March 1865 in Brownsville, Mississippi. Served 4 years, 4 months and 15 days. Great, great grandfather. Buried in Glendale Cemetery, Vernon, Colorado.
  • William Foreman – Illinois – Union, died 1862 Paducah, Kentucky; buried in Paducah, Kentucky.  Great, great uncle.
  • James Totten – New York – Company D, 105th New York Volunteers. Died 1862; Buried Alexandria, VA National Cemetery.  4x great grandfather.
  • Milton Goodell – Ohio, POW at Andersonville Prison Camp, died 1862 at Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. Burial site unknown. 3x great uncle.
  • Leverette Goodell – Ohio 4x great uncle. Buried in Wilbur, Nebraska.



World War I

  • Perry Hunt Stalter – Minnesota – Army Medical Corps. Grandfather. Buried Ft. Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  • Elwin C. Brace – Colorado. Marines. Great,  great uncle. Buried Renton, Washington.



World War II

  • Perry Hunt Stalter – Minnesota, Army, Medic, Europe. Grandfather. Buried Ft. Snelling National Cemetery.
  • Eugene Lomas (Pearl Hancock) – Colorado –  Pacific. Uncle. Buried Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
  • Robert Foreman – Colorado –  Pacific. Great uncle. Buried Elbert Cemetery, Elbert, Colorado
  • Arliss G. Mann (Evelyn Hancock) – Iowa- Army/Air Force – Europe and North Africa. Step father. Buried Fort Logan National Cemetery.
  • Lloyd Baber – Colorado  – Army – Papua, New Guinea. Great uncle. Buried Peyton Cemetery, Peyton, Colorado
  • Leon Baber – Colorado – Army. Great uncle.
  • Arnold B. Anderson – Illinois – Army – Western Pacific;  Silver Star; Bronze Star; Purple Heart, buried Elmwood Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois. Great Uncle.


After World War II

  • Robert Lucero (Charlotte Hancock) –  Colorado – Army. Uncle.
  • Robert Hancock – Colorado – Air Force – Azores. Uncle. Buried Leavenworth National Cemetery, Kansas.
  • Victor Harlan Stalter – Colorado –  Air Force. Buried Mesa, Arizona. Uncle.
  • Warrren Gresham – Air Force – Japan/Korea. 2nd Cousin, once removed.



Viet Nam

  • Donald Stalter – Colorado – Purple Heart; Navy/Marine Corps, Medic. Brother.


Others who have served:

  • Gary Langdon – Colorado – Army. 1st cousin.
  • Bruce Lucero – Colorado – Navy. 1st cousin.
  • Warren Bitterlich (Linda Stalter) – California – Army – Brother-in-law